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A large mesquite grill is located in the center of the restaurant where you can watch their chefs prepare the famous dishes of the regional states of Mexico. Featuring over 60 menu items, including chicken mole from Puebla, carne asada from Sonora, tamales wrapped in banana leaves from Oaxaca, and fresh seafood of all types from the Baja. These are just a "taste" of what is available. Delicious, authentic Mexican food at fair, reasonable prices. The "Los Pancho's Trio" plays beautiful Mexican music every night from 6:30 - 10 p.m. for your pleasure.

Our Pancho Villa room may be booked for groups of 10-40 people for any occasion. We will be happy to provide the room free of charge. Food and beverages can be customized for your group and occasion, you may also choose from our group menus. Our bar is legendary and our service is excellent.

Pancho Tour

Pancho Tour

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