Enjoy a lively discussion about the mythology, history, customs and fabrication of the three powerful beverages of Mexico, mezcal and tequila. Forty-Five minutes of your time in the relaxed atmosphere of Pancho's Restaurant introduces you to the fascinating world of these distinctive mexican libations that date back to the Mayans.

* How mezcal differs from tequila.

* How tequila is fabricated.

* What makes a good tequila.

* The worm & other myths.

* Tequila & mezcal customs.

Your participation in this event will be further stimulated as you consume generous "caballitos" of four fine tequilas and one "jarrito" of mezcal. All selected from Pancho's collection of over 650 tequilas and 15 mezcals. Pancho's tequila tastings are conducted by our very own Pancho's Tequileros, all very knowledgable on pulque, mezcal and tequila.


Tequila tasting includes:

 * Four shots of tequila representing the four levels of aging

 * Shot of pancho's famous homemade mezcal "like mother used to make"

 * Ceramic "Pancho's" jarrito